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About me

Please see my video at the bottom of this page.

I teach English classes online in China and Japan.

Information in Chinese below. Please scroll down.

I am from New York City where my father was a television producer and writer.

For high school I was educated at the Northfield Mount Hermon School in Massachusetts a top boarding high school.

I was admitted to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island for undergraduate study in English. Brown is an Ivy League college.

After that went on to Rhode Island School of Design where I received BFA and MFA degrees.

I have written eleven books which you can see  at Amazon.com.


My teaching experience is thirty years long in fine private schools all over the world.

I speak four languages.

I am an American expatriate living in Indonesia for many years with my Chinese wife and two dogs. We have a daughter and a grandson and are part of a Chinese extended family in Surabaya, the second biggest city in Indonesia.

My YouTube Channel has two introductory videos which may be of interest: 


You are already in my Blog Site at WordPress but in case you want to go to that directly the link is this: 


There is a lot of content, particularly essays which were published in America at Empty Mirror and in France at Reflets du Temps, good online magazines.

My Teaching

I have been teaching online for almost six years and I find it very rewarding and the most interesting aspect of my teaching career.

The focus achieved and the relationships with students produce progress way beyond what is achieved in the classrooms of brick and mortar schools. That has been my experience.

The Courseware

From literature, to grammar I have it all.

We former Whales English teachers were lucky to be connected with the best curricula: Write Source, Reach Higher, Classic English Course, Wonders, Oxford Reading Tree, Classic Reading Course and much more.

I have also added National Geographic’s Great Writing Class.

And that is not all. Courseware for every level from Pre K to G9 is available to you.

Contact Me

rickerteaching@gmail.com is my email address.

I am also a professional teacher at iTalki. You can buy classes there if you like: https://teach.italki.com/teacher/5575637

Chat with me on WeChat:

This is my QR Code for WeChat where a great deal of my communication with parents is done.


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让我们学习英语  T





我在  高中时就读于马萨诸塞州的诺斯菲尔德山黑门学校。这是一所寄宿制顶级的私立高中。

我被罗德岛州普罗维登斯的布朗大学录取,本科时学习英语。布朗是一所常春藤盟校。之后,我去了罗德岛设计学院,在那里我获得了BFA和MFA学位。我写了十一本书,你可以在 Amazon.com 看到。

我说四种语言。我是一名美国侨民,目前居住在印度尼西亚第二大城市泗水。 我的妻子是中国人,我们有一个女儿,一个孙子和两只狗。我们和我妻子的中国大家庭一起在印度尼西亚生活了很多年。



除了语言学习,我还可以利用 我 在美国私立学校的经验来教学生, 如何培养 批判性思维 能力,书籍 分析等。我喜欢 教 英语。


我可以教所有的英语教科书。 作为一名前鲸鱼  英语老师,我很幸运地教授了最好的课程:写源,达到更高,经典英语课程,奇迹,牛津阅读树,Classic Reading C我们的等等。我还  增加了国家地理的优秀写作课程,阅读探索r和观点。这还不是全部。 从Pre-K到G9的每个级别的课件都可供您使用,或者您可以提供您想要学习的教科书。

如何 联系我

rickerteaching@gmail.com 是我的电子邮件地址。



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