Culture War Scene 5

“Hey Buddy. How are you feeling today? Have some of Maureen’s sourdough pancakes. That will keep you going”

“I am ok Junior. Going back to the city, back to work.”

“Me too Bud, back to the barn to make more cabinets for the rich people.”

“That’s the way it is kid. That’s life. Pull your weight.”

“ I am tired talking about all this political shit Buddy. We are not getting anywhere. Everybody believes what they want to believe. People don’t change their minds very easily.”

“Good thing too Junior or we would all be Commies like you! Ha Ha Ha!”

“Listen to this Buddy. One of the smartest guys around here, a teacher, thinks the world is flat! He thinks Neil Armstrong didn’t go to the moon, that it was all done in a TV studio.

“Like you said, Junior, people will believe anything and everything. Like UFO’s why do they always land in Leroy land? I will believe it when they land in Harvard Square. But how about you Junior, you claim to be a Catholic. How can a Catholic be a Communist? There’s a good one!”

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