Culture War Scene 4

“Tell me this Buddy; I don’t get why you right wingers hate the Clintons, especially Hillary. I could never understand that. All I see is that she did her best to help the average American, studied hard, worked hard, been a public servant her whole life.”

“Let me clue you in Junior. They took her law license away because she lied under oath. They did the same to Michelle Obama, another low life. The Clinton Foundation is a criminal organization, Junior. Read about it.”

“Is that really true Buddy? Why would they have to lie or be a criminal organization? They have plenty of money and fame.”

“Greed Junior. Greed.”

“I think they hated her from the time she said she didn’t want to stay home and bake cookies. After that most of the women and chauvinists hated her.”

“There is more to it than that Junior. Read up about it.”

“I remember a blurb I saw when she was running for president. It said Kentucky Fried Chicken was offering a “Hillary Special” two fat thighs and a left wing.”

“That’s about right Junior.”

“I was going to ask you about QAnon but I think that is too much even for you. Am I right?”

“Since the election I haven’t watched any news including Fox News. I just read and see some shows about World War II. I am reading a book by Bill O’Reilly now. In fact, I just put it down. I have read a lot of his books. He should win the Nobel Prize!”

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