Culture War Scene 3


“What do you think about all this Black Lives Matter Bullshit Junior. To me it is just an excuse for them to get some TVs and other stuff they like by looting.”

“Buddy, the police murdered George Floyd. There was no excuse for that and they caught it all on film. How do you think you would feel if you were black and got picked up by the police? You would be pissing in your pants. I know I would.”

“George Floyd has a criminal record since forever. He was stopped or arrested at least nineteen times including aggravated assault in a home invasion. Nice guy.  He is one of their heroes if that gives you an idea about them.”

 “Them” are African Americans who have been in America longer than almost anybody other than the Native Americans.”

“Call them anything you want Junior. I call them niggers.”

“I remember you told me “Niggers are proof that Indians fucked buffalos.” I was only a kid at the time but even then,  I struggled with the biology part. Honestly Buddy, my idea is that America can never heal itself and come together until it acknowledges its 400 years of slavery and its campaign of genocide against the Native American people. These are facts that can’t be swept away and keep the country from moving forward in a positive, compassionate way.”

“You sound like a Caspar Milk toast  Junior. Let them get over it and do what they are supposed to do: be responsible citizens, work hard, and take care of their families like decent people.”

“How about the native people Buddy? I don’t know what you call them but they are the original people here going back at least 1500 years. There were about 10,000,000 million here when Columbus stumbled onto the new world, new for him anyway. By 1900 there were about 300,000.”

“Like I told you Junior it is because they were fucking buffalos, Ha Ha Ha!”

“ Buddy, the truth is that the rapacious type- A -pig -fuckers from Europe came over to kill them and take their land. The dirty bastards gave them blankets with smallpox virus to which they had no immunity. They died like flies. And the merciless bastards killed millions of buffaloes just for fun and knowing that the plains Indians depended on them. And who is the guy today who exemplifies that selfish ego driven crap? It is former president fat ass. I don’t even want to mention his name.”

“ I feel sorry for you Junior. What have you been smoking? This is life! Whoever is stronger kicks the ass of the other guy. Didn’t Darwin say something about that: “The strong live; the weak die.”

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