Culture War Scene 2

“Nobody believes anything anymore  Buddy. A lot of people think the virus is a Hoax. Some close people of mine won’t take the vaccine. A friend who has a PHD in psychology thinks Bill Gates will implant a chip in the vaccine to track and control people. He is part of the illuminati and connected to the Rothschilds who control the world. I am serious.”

“You know Junior, I am an expert on World War II. I believe in the values of the greatest generation. Nothing will change that for me.”

“Sure Buddy, who can go against that? But fighting for the country we’ve got now? No way. Democracy is a total failure. It broke about twenty years ago, maybe about the time of Reagan when the two parties became like two separate tribes, only caring about victory for their side. What would the current Republicans say about Eisenhower today, the guy who said, “Beware the military industrial complex.” We are the arms suppliers of the world and reap the consequences of that in the blood of our soldiers while the businessmen make money. That’s how I see it.”

“Capitalism depends on people making money.  Look what happened in Russia. Without the incentive to make money there is no motivation. Their system collapsed.”

“Buddy, the Chinese have figured it out better. They have a strong central government but allow free enterprise to a certain extent. There are a lot of wealthy people there now. But let’s talk about something else Buddy. Let me ask you this: How is it that China was able to stop the virus dead in its tracks, almost, and the USA couldn’t do it? Nobody wants to look at that, almost 600,000 dead now. When shit for brains was saying it was “all under control” and “not a problem” and claiming to be a “wartime president” ( I think he liked that idea) I asked “Can a wartime president be convicted of war crimes?” At that point there were almost 300,00 dead.”

“ Junior! It’s the Commies’ fault. Kung Flu! The China virus. Don’t forget that!

“So what Buddy! Once it is out of the box there it is and has to be delt with no matter where it came from. What to do now is the question rather than spending a lot of time on the blame game.”

“Junior, do you know those fuckers eat anything that moves. There is a saying, “If the sun shines on its back the Chinese will eat it.” Did you see the pictures of that disgusting market. My daughter almost threw up when she saw those cats, bats, dogs, snakes, rats and all kinds of poor animals in cages getting ready for the knife. What a disgrace!”

“I have to agree with you on that one Buddy. To me this Covid 19 thing is the revenge of nature. A lot of people think that too. How much can we fuck up the environment and think nothing will happen as a consequence? The Native American people have the right idea about how we are all connected, all part of a web of life. Everything depends on everything else.”

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