The Lonely Cafe

           In the Catskill Mountains, in a tiny valley between two steep hills, there is a small café on a flat spot next to the road. I refer to it as The Lonely Café. In the morning Maureen and Clara serve sourdough pancakes to hard working men who grub out a living in the hardscrabble area. But not all are local. Some others have their breakfast there from time to time.

          The Lonely Cafe is only a couple of hours from New York City and people come up to visit the famous health spa and fat farm in the town, or to fish, or to spend time at their second homes in the country. Every morning I start my day there reading the paper at a corner table and listening to conversations.

2 thoughts on “The Lonely Cafe

  1. We’ve discovered Picnic over in Margaretville; excellent bagels which they form and finish there in the shop. Whereabouts is your Lonely Cafe?

  2. Hi, I lived in Claryville for 8 years making cabinets and furniture in my barn. The Lonely Cafe is actually on the road from Liberty to Grahmsville. Thanks for reading. More to come..

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