The Painting of My Life, a new book by Ricker Winsor



This book is a major work for me accomplished over four years of hard work. It is 8 x 10 inches in size,  300 pages with drawings and photographs.

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From the Introduction:

I tell my students, ”The greatest art work is your own life, what you include in and what you leave out.”  That is a pretty idea, a nice instruction, poetic. But, in my case, life itself was in charge. Using me, it created the art. The Yankee baseball catcher, Yogi Berra, said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” That is what really happened. This book is the painting of my life.    RW

Praise for The Painting of My Life by Ricker Winsor

“First and foremost, it is honest and engaging. It smacks of life in its purest form and the ending hit me like a ton of bricks as the meaning came roaring into view.”

Joseph  Kirk

“In his later years, Ricker remembers with startling insight the high adventure, early loves, and insane escapades of his youth in Spain in the 60’s and his coming of age and artistic maturity all over the world. I think it was Wordsworth who said that poetry “was emotion recollected in tranquility”. If such is the case , this book is poetry from beginning to end.

Joseph Blatz

“Ricker has a gift of amazing and salient candor, very deep, very intimate, very explicit and disclosing on such very personal themes, all of it  utterly unself-conscious, and unapologetic for any of the moments of deviance from the norms that may emerge periodically. I admire the fullness of that self-expression greatly.”

Mark Lediard

Ricker Winsor studied English at Brown University and painting and drawing at Rhode Island School of Design where he received BFA and MFA degrees. His first book, Pakuwon City, Letters from the East, is available at Amazon. His essays and short fiction have been published at “Reflets du Temps” in France and at Empty Mirror Books. Ricker is an artist and writer living in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Visit him at rickerwinsor.comFacebookTwitter.


  Evanston, Illinois                                                             

  Pelham Manor, New York                                              


  A New Name                                                                 

  Carrying On                                                                  

  More Operations                                                                

  I Dream                                                                          

  The Nature of Things                                                 


  The Pigeon Place                                                                  

  Pelham Bay Wilding                                                        

  Boarding School                                                                

  Straight Pool                                                                

  Breaking Away                                                              

  On the Road                                                                   

  La Plaza de Santa Ana                                                   

  Reefer Madness                                                              

  The Acid Test                                                                   

  Ma’s Face                                                                       

  My Father                                                                 

  The Neighborhood                                                           

  Pig Pen                                                                              

  Breaking Down                                                             

  We Had Each Other                                                      



  To France                                                                        

  The Garden                                                                     

  My Otter                                                                       


  Starting Over                                                               

  Catskill Bill                                                             

  When the Moon is in the Seventh House                       

  Puget Sound                                                                   

  Indonesian Love Story                                                     

  Walking the Walk                                                   


  Dengue Fever                                                                 

  My Father’s Letter                                                         


   Early AM, a Poem                                                      

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